When we first started to dance, we did not know where to go, who to learn from, what music to dance to etc. We had to go out and FIND the knowledge. We invested in our journeys that took us all over the world to learn from the creators and pioneers of the different styles. We invested a lot of time, money and energy in order to grow in this dance, which we live and we love.   It was hard work, but worth it. We built a worldwide community. Travelling all over is not easy and is very expensive. So we decided to create a platform where you can learn from these Pioneers, learn the knowledge and have a community, without having to travel and for a tiny fraction of the cost.


Back in the day there was no Youtube. No internet. If you wanted to check a dance video you had to GO to the events, travel to the classes, or borrow someones VHS tape. Now you can find a lot of videos on Youtube. BUT, if you have ever tried to learn from Youtube you know that it's not useful at all. There is no logical lesson progression. It's hard/impossible to find good teachers with REAL knowledge. It's filled with ads. There is no community.  The videos are usually too short. In fact there is nothing to actually help with your dance growth.   

The world is moving at a much faster pace, and we know you want the knowledge, and you want it NOW. We get it. And that's just what we have done. 

It is wise to invest in yourself.  We did at the beginning of our journey, and we still are today, with this platform. This is our way of giving back, and we want to make learning as easy and effortless as possible. This platform is built by dancers, so we know what you need, and know what it takes. If we had access to this while we were learning it would be a NO BRAINER!  

Peace and God Bless. 

Street Styles 4 All! 

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