About The 14 Day Challenge

The “14-Day Street Dance Challenge” is to get you Street Dancing in 14 Days, even if you are a COMPLETE Beginner.

Each day you will receive 1 Street Dance video, which will either be a Move, Tip or Trick to help you learn Street Dance. All videos are taken from our Beginner Academy. 

I personally GUARANTEE you will be able to Dance (Street Dance) in the 14 days.  You ready?

14 Day Challenge WILL STOP in...

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Why Join the Challenge

  • Get daily email support from me, Smoov Groove, ask questions, say Hi!
  • Learn Styles and Moves NOT found on YouTube
  • Join the 20,000+ that are Street Daning like Pros from our instruction, with over 12 years of experience teaching COMPLETE Beginners
  • Impress and inspire others with you FAST progression in learning Street Dance in just 14 days!

Challenge info


You may or may not have been taught by smoov before, and for this online Street Dance venture we want you to experience it for free.

If you feel smoov is the right teacher is for you then our Beginner Academy would be perfect for you

HOST Smoov Groove

A teacher and trainer for more than a decade, travelled the world learning from the Pioneers and creaters of the different Street Dance Styles.  Smoov sold thousands of instructional DVD's world wide, and has now put them all (and more) online here. Smoov also runs a Street Dance  school with over 170 members from ages 5-adult 

  1. SIGN UP - to the 14 Day Challenge
  2. LEARN - some of the coolest moves on the planet!
  3. PROGRESS - in 14 days or less
  4. ACHIEVE - with options to further your learning with over 160 lessons, this really is the BEST and FASTEST way to learn Street Dance online

Don’t want to wait? Upgrade to our beginner academy

Street Dance is one of the most popular dances today. Not only does it look cool, but it also feels great being able to do the moves on the dance floor. We have created the BEST and FASTEST way to learn Street Dance Online.

All Ages, All Levels, All Styles

We are known for our teaching style, and loved by people all over the world who have learned from us. We have carefully selected the moves and lessons and broken them down in an easy to understand way.   

  • Unlimited access to ALL courses and lessons (currently over 160)
  • Access to all future courses and lessons
  • Price lock-in. When we increase our price you will not pay a penny more
  • Track your course and lesson progress
  • All courses and lessons stored in a easy to us way
  • Access to Smoov Groove via email support
  • No contract, so you can cencl at anytime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee