You can only go so far with Youtube when learning Street Dance. If you are serious about learning and want to rock the dance floor then you need to try our online academy - with over 160 bitesize lessons in all several different Street Dance Styles.  We have taught 10,000+ complete beginners how to dance.  

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We have a 30 day money back guarantee If the academy is not right for you. That is how confident we are that you will love this!

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"Absolutely amazing. I never met anybody I could connect with so well relating to then realms of this style of dancing. Very inspired." 

- Tom Roche

Our Instructors have worked with:

“The benefits of the Street Styles 4 All dancing lessons were immediate and very rewarding.  My son (aged 10) enjoyed the flexibility of the lessons, being able to work on specific moves, routines etc.  His confidence and ability has improved dramatically…well worth it!”  

- Dagmar


Academy Benefits Explained

Here is more about why you should join...

Save Time and Money

Save time searching the world wide web for dance clips. Save time buying and wating for your DVD to arrive in the post. Save time searching for where you left off. Save time searching for the correct information that is found all over the web.

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Many Styles!

Searching the web for a collection of Street Dance Styles, with videos in consecutive order all located in one convenient location accessable anywhere? You fan with us.  This is what we wish we had when we started to learn.

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Perfect for Complete Beginners

 We've coached 10,000+ students, of all ages and skill-levels. We’ve helped people, convinced they had two left feet, become fully confident on the dance floor, performing and competing!  No matter how hopeless you may feel we can help you.  

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Rock the Dance Floor

No longer will you be on the side lines watching other dancers…it is your time!

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Take your Freestyling to teh next Level

No other school/academy teaches Freestyling the way we teach it. Most don’t even teach Freestyling

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Dance in front of 1000's

Be able to dance in public in front of 1000’s of people without being  too scared or nervous

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Almost 100% of people we asked tried and failed with YouTube when it came to learning, becuasde the videos were too difficult, went to fast, could not see properly, did not know what to search... We solve ALL these problems.

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"I knew that there is only one way how to find more advice on dancing, and the way was purchasing your Lessons"

Jan, Brazil

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