Learn How to Street Dance Online

Learn How to Street Dance Online

Finally…The right way to learn Street Dance online! Join our Online Street Dance Academy and start learning today.  Our Academy is NOT free but you can however take our FREE Training so t=you can see what it is like.  For this training you can live anywhere in teh world…which is awesome!

CLICK HERE for the FREE Training

By taking part in our academy you will finally be able to:

  • Rock the dance floor – no longer will you be on the side lines watching other dancers…it is your time!
  • Be a able to Freestyle to a high level – no other school/academy teaches Freestyling the way we teach it. Most don’t even teach Freestyling
  • Be able to dance in public in front of 1000’s of people without being too scared or nervous
  • Impress and inspire your friends as you will be one of the few people who REALLY knows how to dance.
  • Create your own choreography
  • Moves to help you win competitions

Forget Youtube. This is for people who are serious about learning. See you on the inside.

Stay Blessed!

Rob (Smoov Groove)